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Who Else Wants A Classy And Sophisticated Band That Has Guests Dancing All Night?

Me, me, me I hear you cry...... There's a common misconception that a swing band cannot keep a full dance floor. It's true, some can't. In fact, most can't.

But The Jazz Cannons can....

Below we've addressed, in detail, this point as well as some more practical stuff. Get in touch if you want more detail on how we can make your event the one you dreamed of....with a packed dance floor!

Q&A Interview with Band Leader Jimmy Cannon

We're nervous that guests won't dance to a swing jazz band

Let's be clear. The Jazz Cannons raison d'etre is ultimately to fill the dance floor at your event. The bands set lists and repertoire have been carefully chosen over years of playing at events – songs that don't get guests on the dance floor don't stay in the set....Simple as that.

The skill of a band leader is to be able to 'read the room' and respond with an appropriate song from the repertoire that will get your guests on the dance floor. So whether that be a choice from the jazz, swing, Latin or pop material the band have lined up, the goal is the same. Its' also worth mentioning that swing music was the dance music of its day. People went to see a swing band just to dance rather than watch.

Aren't the band just great for watching while seated rather than dancing to?

When asking this question you may have painted the picture of a smoky jazz club with guests seated and static just taking in the jazz. Individually the musicians in the band play regularly with bands that do play these types of venues.

When they play with The Jazz Cannons it's a different performance entirely though – everything the band do reflects the end goal of making sure your guests are having the time of their lives on the dance floor. From repertoire choices, to performance dynamic and showmanship, when at a function they play for the function. Yes the band are great for just sitting and watching and many of your guests will do just that and have a wonderful time doing just that.

My guests will not know how to dance properly to swing music.

We guarantee you that this will not be an issue. Many clients think that their guests, on hearing the band play a swing tune, will in some way feel intimidated or frightened to get up and dance. In our experience the very opposite happens.

The rhythms are utterly infectious. Your guests will feel uncontrollable urges to dance. The thought that someone might be judging them as if in Strictly Come Dancing will not enter their frame of thought. The evidence of this in borne out function after function the band have played at.

The bands style of music is too 'old'.

We've put 'old' in quotes because it's a word that has been used in conversations we have had with clients (we say clients as they invariably go on to book the band and are delighted they did) where they have tried to communicate the idea that in some way they see the bands style as dated or behind the times. If you haven't been exposed much to music of this type then this reaction is very understandable. In fact we commend you for getting this far in your search for something unique and different. It's important to understand that The Jazz cannons are not a tribute act. They do not try and pretend to be Frank Sinatra and his band or Michael Buble or any other artist or famous band that plays this style. They do however take references and cues from a retro era when this style of music was made popular. But they do it in a way that contemporises them – Through new arrangements of classic songs, to classic arrangements of more modern songs, humour that isn't cheesy and a charisma and style from within and not copied.

We would like a swing band but think people won't know the songs.

The band only performs classic songs that are known by multiple generations. Remember the choice of songs the band plays is not an accident. They have been sifted and sorted over many years of playing at events with guests of all types.

If a reaction to a song is good, it stays. Bad, it goes.

Granted, people may not know the lyrics to many of the songs, unless of course they are a fan of the artist that made it famous. What they will know is the melody. The melodies to most of the songs are known and have been hummed by multiple generations before us and will be hummed by multiple generations after us. They are timeless. Your guests will not care a jot if they know the lyrics to the song or not. The rhythm of the band, the melody and the sheer occasion will force them into dance floor submission.

We don't want to book a band without seeing them live first.

Check the bands live page for listings. We'd be delighted to add your name to the guest list for any show listed. If you're unable to attend a show we have DVD promo videos that we can send to you. We suggest watching it on a screen for maximum impact.

We're nervous that a swing jazz band is just to specialist, too different, too unique.

The band performs at between 50 and 100 events a year and has done for well over 6 years. Those numbers don't prove the band are mainstream but it does show you that their mainstream enough. Falling into the trap of booking just another 'me too' band is one far too many have fallen in to only to be bitterly disappointed they didn't go with their gut feelings. Booking the Jazz Cannons is really not anywhere near as risky as you might think.

Can I see the swing band play live?

Yes. View The Jazz Cannons live swing band upcoming public shows.

Do you provide your own PA and lights?

The Jazz Cannons come totally self contained with their own PA and lights. You won't have to worry about anything except enjoying your evening.

What band sizes are there?

Typically a 7 piece, 5 piece and 4 piece. Vocals/sax, piano, drums, double bass, trumpet, trombone and sax. The 5 piece is as the 7 piece but minus the trombone and trumpet and the 4 piece is minus the sax. Other band sizes up to a 17 piece big band can be accommodated. Call us if you need more details.

Do you travel?

Absolutely. The band play all over the UK, Europe and even travel as far afield as the UAE and the US.